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About Used Pallet Racking

We carefully inspect and refurbish used pallet racking systems to ensure that they are completely safe, structurally sound and up to code.

  • The racking is carefully disassembled at the original site to preserve the structural integrity of all parts, including decking, uprights and fasteners.
  • All parts are carefully inspected for any structural damage or wear that could interfere with the safety or functionality of the racking system.
  • Any worn or damaged parts are repaired or replaced.
  • The pallet racking system is reinstalled at its new location in accordance with all building and safety codes.
  • A final on-site inspection ensures that everything is up to code and ready to go.


Used pallet racking may be available for purchase and installation more quickly than new ones.


Used pallet racking can often be customized to suit specific needs.


Buying used pallet racking can help reduce waste and conserve resources by reusing existing materials.


Buying used pallet racking can be significantly less expensive than buying a new one.

Used Pallet Racking FAQs

Is used pallet racking safe?

Yes, used pallet racking is totally safe, as long as the installer is conducting careful inspections to ensure everything is up to code. Be sure you are working with a reputable installer when purchasing used racking.

Can I customize a used pallet racking system to fit my specific needs?

Yes, a used pallet racking system can often be customized to fit specific storage needs and requirements. However, this may require additional costs for customization or retrofitting.

How do I know if a used pallet racking system is right for my business?

Consider your storage needs, budget, and compatibility with any existing systems when deciding whether to purchase a used pallet racking system. It may also be helpful to consult with a professional to determine the best solution for your specific requirements. Have your eye on a specific used pallet rack? Talk to one of our racking experts to decide if used racking is right for you!

What kind of maintenance is needed for teardrop pallet racking?

Teardrop pallet racking systems require minimal maintenance to ensure they operate effectively and safely over time. Once the system has been set up, it should provide problem-free performance for many years. However, the racking system should be inspected on a regular basis to make sure all components are secure, there is no damage to the system, and weight limits are not exceeded. Any damaged or weakened components should be repaired or replaced immediately to prevent the risk of collapse or failure. If you notice any problems with your teardrop racking system, contact us immediately.

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